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Dialog      Accounts Payable Manager

Since we have started using Accu-image we have 680 customers that are currently setup to receive their invoices in PDF format. This helps our customers because they receive their invoices much faster than when they receive them via the postal service. This has helped our receivables since the customers are receiving the invoices faster they also pay the invoices faster. This is a cost savings to us because we do not have to pay postal, printing and packaging fees.


Westmarine      Accounts Payable Manager

The day EDGEline came into my life everything changed. We were able to reduce staffing by half just because we are no longer routing invoices for approval. And, with the automated routing process we no longer have to worry about an invoice getting lost on an associate’s desk. This has reduced vendor calls for past due invoices. With everything in one location we no longer have to go through boxes and files for copies. Enter the invoice number and there it is; just print or email. Best of all, this process is SOX compliant.

Phillips Lumileds

Phillips Lumileds Lighting      Trade Compliance / VMI Implementation Manager

Failing a Customer Service audit can potentially result in the temporary shut-down of your Order Management operations (which include being able to accept and process customer purchase orders).   A critical element of an audit is the ability to quickly provide the auditor the required documents related to orders to allow for review and verification of compliance within order management controls.  Being a startup company, with relatively low volume of transactions (at least when we started up), the job of maintaining records was not too difficult.  However, in the past 11 years, our company has grown at an incredibly fast rate each year (we are one of the top two LED manufacturers in the world!), and the ability to maintain satisfactory and auditable order files became overwhelming.  Due to limited office space, we had boxes, and file cabinets stored in scattered locations within the building, not to mention the documents we had sent off to a warehouse for storage.  Needless to say, audits became a nightmare, as the ability to organize volumes of documents to allow for quick retrieval became impossible. 

In comes Accu-Image.  We started off by having Accu-Image scan and store our order packet documents just for the current year.  This would allow for our internal monthly random audits to move more quickly and efficiently.  Well, we found the Accu-Image database so easy to use, (and fast!), we decided to electronically archive all documents as required for the prior 5 years.  The Accu-Image database even has functionality to allow for access by an auditor to pull up the documents they require themselves (there are controls that can be set on the system to allow the auditor to just look at only the order numbers they provide to us).  This feature now eliminates any time spent at all by our department in the search for audit documents!

The resource time saved (as audits are required, and are absolutely time consuming) far outweighs any costs related to Accu-Image services.  It would not surprise me if KPMG or other audit services soon require electronic data storage such as the services provided by Accu-Image as an actual audit control!

We love the services Accu-Image provides, the time they save us, and the professionalism and top-level support they provide.


Twitter      Accounts Payable Manager

We are excited and thrilled to have Edge Dock as part of our document imaging platform here in the Accounts Payable Dept at Twitter. It has literally saved time, money, and resources for us already. The product is easy to navigate, and pulling up documents right on your screen could not be easier. We have used the product for several audit inquiries already, and has paid off dividends thus far. The customer service for this product is also second to none. They set us up with all of our 2011 documents in a week. Absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend this product for any company that is looking for a document retrieval/imaging platform.