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Superior security begins with Kern EDGE’s innovative software platform that handles files through proprietary technology that makes your files accessible and viewable to only those with the required access credentials.  All documents, once scanned and indexed, are run through our security encryption software where they are “wrapped” in a secure format and immediately uploaded to the Customer’s secure “Private Cloud”.  


How we keep your documents secure

We provide multi-layer security for critical documents when they are at rest. Every document is 128 bit encrypted using AES level encryption and password protected. Those password protected and 128 bit encrypted documents are then encoded into the secured WRA-structured file, which provides an additional level of security to protect them. 

In the Kern EDGE SaaS platform, the customer is able to maintain and manages the security user filters and can control who can access the data with user name and password administration. This encryption insures that internal network/system personnel cannot view the data even if they can access the drive and/or directory where the data is stored on your internal server.  No user has any access to any WRA file directly. The software is the only source that can extract the document from this archive and returns only the single requested extracted document.

Extracted documents in transit are sent via SSL 3.x (TLS) encryption over HTTPS, the highest level of security currently available on the internet. A valid certificate signed by a certified signing authority is provided to each and every hosted customer that provides this level of encryption.


3 Step Encryption Process

  • Scanned or uploaded images are 128 bit encrypted
  • Encrypted files are converted to .WRA format for secure storage
  • Files are password protected and only accessible by authorized users with valid login credentials and transmitted through HTTPS