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For document archiving and retrieval, store your documents in a central location for quick access. Documents are compressed and stored in an encrypted location that can only be accessed by authorized users.

EDGEline connects the dots between your documents and the way you work. EDGEline is the easy and fast solution to squeeze better productivity out of every department in your organization.

EDGEmail is the practical alternative to centralized electronic mailbox concepts.  It enables you to reinforce the value of your customer relationships while you still have the flexibility to delivery your customer communications in both traditional print and digital forms.

Go paperless and take the hassle out of your office's mail. Instead of sifting through your mail pile, have important documents accessible through EDGEpost

Integrate without disrupting your business processes. Interface EDGE with your existing applications and systems like Oracle and SAP

Don’t replace your existing ECM systems, enhance them the EDGEsync and add functionality to existing ECM systems for less