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Act Fast and Take Advantage of our 2011 End-of-Year Promotion!

To celebrare the successful 2011 launch of Kern EDGE, we want to share our experience and knowledge at no cost and no obligation.

Our Approach:

For many years there have been e-delivery solutions that fail to make a real impact on your print and mail volumes.  From consolidators to mass-email engines, these solutions achieve only part of the goal of e-delivery. Where they fall short is user adoption and cost reduction.  Did you know 28% of the US population does not use the internet at all?  That statistic may be surprising, but that still leaves plenty of customers that use the internet every day who have yet to go paperless.  With over 90% of companies making decisions based on print-suppression goals, find out how you rank  

Statement Analysis - How do your electronic statements compare to your mailed statements?  We take a look at both channels to determine how your critical customer communications are being delivered.

Organizational Communication /  Messaging Report - Do you promote paperless billing on your website?  We review your organizations communications to see if you are making every effort to educate your customers on the benefits of paperless billing. 

Associate Awareness - Has the message of paperless billing been shared with all associates, especially those working with new customers?  We measure your organizations awareness of e-delivery.

Cost Comparison - We outline some of your e-delivery options and give you a cost guide to help you decide on the best edelivery solution for your business.

Paperless Prospecting - We take the first step in helping you identify the customers that you should be targeting most with paperless billing.  

Consulting Report

We provide a comprehensive report at the end of our 2 week analysis that will give you valuable information about your operation that you can use to implement a better e-delivery strategy.  You have no obligation at the end of your complimentary consultation and the report is yours to use.  

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